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Curious at heart. Veterinarian, diagnosed with autism at 27, trying to figure life out by writing. E-mail me at

Curious at heart

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  • I’ve been writing since I was about 10 years old. I started writing diaries and then moved to write online.
  • I love reading. Some of my favorite authors are Patti Smith, Deborah Levi, Shirley Jackson, and Elena Ferrante. My favorite genres are memoirs and fiction, mostly written by women.
  • I’ve adored wildlife since I was a teenager and this leads me to Greece where I spent a couple of summers volunteering with sea turtles.
  • I am a veterinarian (and I have mixed feelings about that).

The winner of the Man International Booker Prize doesn’t identify as male nor female

Marieke Lucas Rijneveld from Wikipedia

And how it changed mine.

Source: Zero take on Unsplash

And it could hurt us all

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How «Everything’s gonna be okay» got this right

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And everything else they did wrong

Nikki Phillippi video
Nikki Phillippi video

Why can’t I seem to identify my emotions?

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Animal Rights | News

Dublin has a duckling problem

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Your value isn’t measured by your productivity.

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Ines May

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