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Veterinarian, diagnosed with autism at 27, writing to figure life. E-mail me at Become a member:

#6 Why take two COVID-19 relief loans?

Screenshot — youtube

One year ago, the youtuber Myka Stauffer and her husband (James Stauffer) posted a video on one of their channels letting the world know they decided to disrupt the adoption of their four-year-old son.

The reaction was immediate and, unlike anything the Stauffers had imagined, backlashed on them. Their video was viewed by millions and it made news all over the world. The response from their fans was a mix of confusion and anger. For everyone else, the Stauffers will forever be the YouTubers who “re-homed” their child.

Myka and James had three youtube channels. James had (and still has)…

#6 Meltdowns

Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

After reading this article, I decided it was about time I wrote about some signs of Autism I had as a child. I read online that writing the signs you had as a child makes it easier to get a diagnosis.

I filled several pages with moments from my childhood and teenage years that tied to me being autistic. I threw them away after getting an official paper that says I’m autistic, but I’ve kept some notes.

There’s something to be said about how painful it is to process all of this. At least, it was (has been) for me…

An extreme case of pregnancy denial.

Marriage of Verónique and Jean-Louis Courjault in 1994. Source: L’OBS

It was the summer of 2006, and Jean-Louis couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing. Upon opening the freezer at his house in Seoul, he noticed a tiny hand. He looked further and saw two human babies. Dead. Frozen. On the freezer at his house. He called the police, and for a long time, he would regret destroying his family’s happiness on that day.

The relationship between Verónique and Jean-Louis

Verónique and Jean-Louis met in 1987 when they were both students. For their marriage photos, Vero (as her friends and family called her) wore black clothes. …

Two reasons why autism diagnosis is on the rise.

Photo by Rob Curran on Unsplash

In the last decade or so, awareness of Autism has become more and more common. The number of people with Autism diagnoses has also increased leading many to speculate about an ongoing “Autism epidemic”.

As you probably know, this has lead many people to wrongfully associate this “rise” in Autism cases with vaccination.

It is undeniable that ten or twenty years ago most people weren’t aware of what Autism was. Today, it’s a prominent topic on the media and both parents and teachers are more aware of signs they should look for in children.

Yet, the question remains: Why has…


What my experiences with seals and sea turtles taught me about ethical volunteering.

A loggerhead hatchling in Kyparissia, Greece. Photo from author.

I’ve recently read an article by Nikki Savvides about a subject that means a lot to me: How to have an international volunteer experience with animals with an ethical organization.

It’s harder than it sounds. A few years ago, all hell broke loose when it came to light that organizations in South Africa were receiving volunteers to care for “orphan” lion cubs. They were told the lions would be released back into the wild. The reality? They were sold to private owners.

In this article, a former volunteer shares her experience with one of these organizations. The most shocking part…

A case study.

Illustration from canva

At the end of February of this year, I joined medium and today I thought I would talk about what that experience has been like. I was hesitant to write this article but I do enjoy reading about other people’s experiences. I’m not giving anyone advice. I’m just sharing what my experience has been like.

Why I joined medium:

At the beginning of this year, I was going through the process of getting an Autism diagnosis. While searching for other people’s experiences of getting a diagnosis in adulthood, I read a few articles on medium.

I’ve always loved writing. I started writing diaries at…

And why a plant-based diet is not the best fit for everyone.

Foto de Zen Chung de Pexels

I studied Veterinary Medicine and it’s part of our studies to visit slaughterhouses. No matter how you feel about eating meat, it’s a harsh place to see, and I can’t even imagine having to work there.

For some time after those visits, I kept eating meat. Yet, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was doing something wrong. And I couldn’t let go of what a strange experience it was to have been there.

I decided to stop eating meat. I still ate eggs, milk, cheese, and other animal products because… well, one thing at a time. …

And takes no responsibility for her decision.

Screenshot from Nikki Phillippi’s YouTube channel

Nikki Philippi and Dan, the couple who euthanized their dog a while ago for being aggressive, are back on YouTube. Nikki is back at making videos (comments are disabled). She’s also posting on Instagram (comments are allowed only for people she follows). She even created a Patreon for her fans.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of what went down a while ago:

Nikki and Dan euthanized their bull terrier for being aggressive after he bit their one-year-old when he pulled his ear. Yes, they let them play together.

They don’t seem to have looked for other solutions. …

And how a revolution ended it.

Photo by Krisztian Matyas on Unsplash

First, the taste is strange, then we dive into it

It was 1928 and few Coca-colas were being sold in Portugal. The company hadn’t officially entered the Portuguese market. They decided to hire Fernando Pessoa, the most famous Portuguese poet, to write a slogan. At the time, Coca-cola existed for 40 years in the United States and was looking to expand elsewhere.

Portugal was a dictatorship, and any product entering the country needed approval. Salazar — which would later reign a fascist regimen in the country — was the finance minister.

The strategy was a failure. The product was rejected…

What if you get your dream job and hate it?

Source: Gratisography on Pexels

When I was studying veterinary medicine, I dreamed of working with wildlife. Preferably in a rehabilitation center rather than a zoo. Upon finishing my degree, I got to work in a rescue center in Brazil for three months.

The job was a volunteer one, so no pay. But I was doing what I’ve wanted to do all along.

The center was in the middle of a reserve surrounded by a swamp. The closest town was small and it took about 20 minutes by bus to get there.

For three months I took care of sea turtles and birds. I met…

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